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Turning my Profile Yellow for Endometriosis Awareness
The Primrose Ball 2015
Merry Christmas
Menitation Focal Points


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The Endometriosis Primrose Ball
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Turning my Profile Yellow for Endometriosis Awareness

Its that time again, awareness week, and I am turning my Facebook Profile yellow to show my solidarity with my Endo-Sisters.
1 in 10 women have Endometriosis and we need to join together; yellow is such a vibrant and hopeful colour ...so positive despite the pain.


Here is our latest image for the Primrose Ball.....feeling like this very often, offers dry up the more your decline, people stop asking as they already know the answer and often I feel very anxious about going out because I know how tired I will feel and how unwell it will make me.... and I'm 37, my life has literally been drained out of me as I am too busy fighting the battles within to be able to enjoy my life to its full potential.

The Primrose Ball 2015

Merry Christmas

Menitation Focal Points

I have a list, a list which contains about 30 different things I can do to assist better management of my Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia symptoms.

The real practicalities and financial limitations of applying management options to my lifestyle as a busy single mum can feel impossible and counter productive. 

I have however, developed an new style of relaxation called 'Menitation' where I spend 5 minutes gazing at images of my favourite sexy men ..... you know what I mean ... we all have that certain celebrity (or partner .


In my back, in my bones,
Your dark echo bemoans,
In my warmth, in my cold,
You never grow old.
Your visits unwelcome,
Uninvited you come,
No knock on my door,
No pleasantries done.
In my arms, in my hands,
You make your demands,
In my joy, in my pain,
You never abstain.
You’re a constant companion,
Never leaving my side,
An unwanted reminder,
Of freedom denied.
In my muscles, in my skin,
You’re sleeping within,
In my speech, in my thought,
Control you have sought.
You’re a thief like no other,

Rise Above It Endo Sisters

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Sunshine Grant for £1000

Had a really fantastic boost last week from the Lord Mayor of Bradford, recieved £1000 towards the regional charity work of Endometriosis UK. We had morning tea with teh Lord Mayor and his Wife, both of whom were incredibly supportive of Endometriosis UK.... as a thankyou we took part in the Sunshine Parade ... and took the opportunity to spread much needed awareness !

Endometriosis In the Local News

It is always appreciated when the local papers support this cause and today i was made aware that an article featured in last weeks paper ..
Any publicity is brill as it might just reach one person who feels isolated and alone ..

Awareness Jewellery

Just updating with some lovely items of jewellery i boguht from HELLO DREAMBOAT JEWELLERY who will donate 20% of sales to Endo UK ..... i especially like the glitter awareness ribbon !
For more items and information there is a page on my website !
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