There are a variety of books on the market that cover well-being and Endometriosis, below is a list of the books held within the Leeds/Bradford Group Library and can be accessed by group members at meetings
100 Questions and Answers about Endometriosis    David B Redwine   
Understanding Complementary Medicine  Dr George Lewith  
Relax: brilliant little ideas to chill out   Elisabeth Wilson
The busy girls guide to looking great    Caroline Jones(ISBN 1-86200-244-4)
Juicing for Health   Caroline Wheater   (ISBN 0-00-710691-2)
The Endometriosis Natural Treatment Programme   Ann Worwood   
The Meditation Bible   Madonna Gauding  (ISBN 1-84181-249-8)
You are what you eat  (Dr??) Gillian McKeith (ISBN 0-718-14765-0)
The Life Audit          Caroline Righton ( ISBN 0-340-83678-4)
The Mind Gymnasium        Denis Postle (ISBN 0-07-050569-1)
The Body Bible           Suzi Godson (ISBN 0-718-14663-8)
The Endometriosis Sourcebook  Mary Lou Ballweg (ISBN 0-8092-3263-4)
Feel Fabulous Forever  Josephine Fairley  (ISBN 1-85626-332-0)
Homeopathy for Women       Dr Barry Rose   (ISBN 1-85028-392-3)
Natural Superwoman    Rosamond Richardson    (ISBN 1-85626-400-9)
Nutrition for Life     Lisa Hark & Dr Darwin Deen  (ISBN 1-4053-0306-9)
Pure Pilates     Micheal King  (ISBN 1-84000-566-1)
Additionally there are books that are available you may of read and found helpful and if you send me a review I will gladly add it.
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