Poetry about Endometriosis
I am always looking at ways to describe and express 'How it Feels' living with Endometriosis, of course it feels different for everyone, and one of the ways I try express how it feels is through poetry. I would like very much to bring together a collection of Endometriosis Poetry written by sufferers and their friends and family. This is an open event and i encourage anyone to come submit some words or poetry ! Hopefully this will form an E-book and we can all work together to teach others how it feels ....
Curtains Drawn
Pain doesn't sleep, or take a holiday and it'll never give you just five.
It'll creep inside,
Nowhere to hide,
Til' you die, it'll be alive !
Pain will stalk you through your blackest night,
whispers in the dark.
It will shake your soul,
Into its deathly hole,
Like a tree, stripped of bark.
Pain will shout you from your slumber, scream daggers in the dawn.
It will make you cry,
And wonder why,
Forever curtains drawn
By Michelle Middleton
When all i can see around me,
Ahead of me,
Is the presence of Crimson.
My within is everywhere
By Michelle Middleton
Candy Candy,3 times a day,Take my ugly far away.
Carry it to places new,
is all i ever ask of you.
Candy Candy,In your box,
Chase the rabbit like a fox!
Make it run to places far,
A won battle in the endless war.
Oh Candy Candy,I need you,
Fix my body broken blue.
Let me free forever more,
My heart, my soul, my body sore.
By Michelle Middleton
What is this pain?
Will it ever go.
How long will it last?
How am I to know.
Is this foetal position really the best?
Should I get up, or should I get dressed?
Is it the hot water bottle, has it gone cold?
This is how it should be, or so I've been told.
Trying every suggestion,
Reading every book.
Visiting all these doctors,
But again no such luck.
"It's all in your head, my dear"
Well....... Yes in a way.
Constantly haunting me,
Every single day.
"Go away have children",
Such ignorance I fear.
A new born babies life,
Is not the answer to all these tears.
So tired, so tense, so dizzy, so drained,
Pre-menstrual tension, all go along with the pain.
Early morning rising, endless sleepless nights,
Painkillers not working, why me?, why destroy my life!
Endometriosis, no it's no joke,
Somebody somewhere please give me hope.
Not to wake with the thought,
Of just another day, on this endless slippery slope.
By Estelle Mulcahy
No Release,
No place to hide,
This life is shadowed,
By the pain inside.
Alone in thoughts,
Lonely voice curtailed,
No ears to share how,
This weary body failed.
The burden so heavy,
Like black dirty coal,
Wearing down,
My once happy soul.
The colours I wear,
My smile so fake,
Repeatedly painted upon,
This vacant face.
If I had a wish,
To help me through,
I'd share this pain,
With one of you.
And in my foot-steps,
You would walk,
And finally understand,
My unspoken talk.
No longer would I feel alone,
No further need to explain,
The impossibility of each day,
Body Filled with pain.
But i cant make you feel,
And i wouldn't wish it too,
Instead I'll keep it to myself,
Like i always do.
Michelle Middleton

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