Endometriosis Support Group - Leeds ~ Bradford ~ Skipton
The leading UK charity which works to provide information and support, whilst increasing awareness of the disease through campaigning and awareness.
This is where i keep all the sourced endo information i have found which is much better shared than kept to myself! please visit the blogs, both current and archieved.
Please drop in online if your a facebook user!
Endometriosis in the UK/Your Not Aloneis a great website with real peoples stories and a great message board full of support and information.  I found this website very useful to learn about others, support others and i know its there if i need it.
As part of the Endometriosis Tool Box its useful to consider all types of Orthodox and Complementry options. Other useful web links which could be valuable in the pursuit of non-orthodox therapies.
This site brings you an insight to alternative ways of living your life, but you have to be prepared to make changes, changes for the better, changes that will enhance your life no end and bring about harmony and inner peace.
Breathworks offers mindfulness-based approaches to living well with chronic pain, illness or stress of any kind. Breathworks also designs mindfulness-based courses and training for schools, health care professionals and businesses to promote and maintain well-being amongst pupils, families, patients, clients, staff and management.
Connecting you with professional support. Hypnotherapy Directory only lists qualified/registered hypnotherapists. An excellent source of information regarding hypnotherapy.
Why Choose Bioresonance for Endometriosis?
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